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Artificial Grass Specialists, your trusted partner in the distribution & installation of high-quality Artificial Grass

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At Artificial Grass Specialists (AGS SEE) based in Athens, artificial grass is our speciality. As an important member of the AGS Group, a European group supplying artificial grass for garden and landscaping applications, we invest in expertise, innovation, and quality.

We aim to offer high-quality products in various colours and appearances that look and feel natural, making it hard to distinguish from real grass. Our first-rate services meet our customers’ needs promptly and responsibly.

The experienced management of AGS and its team specialises in collaborating with B2B customers and beyond. We serve clients from retail stores to construction companies, large and boutique hotels, kindergartens, nurseries, and playgrounds.

Why choose Artificial Grass Specialists

With years of experience, we know the nature of artificial grass like the back of our hands. We utilise advanced cutting-edge equipment, and our products are tested, safe, and quality-guaranteed.

At AGS, we undertake the distribution of artificial grass within Europe, the Middle East & Africa directly, safely and effectively. We have crafted our artificial grass installation services to perfectly fulfill your requirements.


Our logistics centre in Athens stores more than 100,000m² of artificial grass year-round to continuously meet the market’s needs, even in the peak season. We hate to sell “out of stock”. Our state-of-the-art Canadian cutting machine enables our warehouse team to quickly and accurately process more than 50-cut-lengths every day. Our trained customer service team uses sophisticated ERP software to guarantee fast, cost-efficient and error-free processing of your order.


We are passionate about providing you with artificial grass products with an almost natural look and feel. At AGS, we embrace the Dutch design standards, as the Netherlands was the birthplace and a pioneer in the manufacturing and installation of synthetic grass for outdoor applications.


We place the utmost importance on quality by using high-end materials and cutting-edge technology, selecting the highest grades of polymers, and adding reliable UV stabilising additives. In parallel, we implement a strict quality control system. We have created an ergonomic warehouse where our professional grass is stored. The rolls are handled carefully and arrive at your site quickly and safely.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy focuses on satisfying your needs with expert and thorough field analysis. Whether you wish to give your business premises a natural-like green look or provide your clients with exceptional artificial grass, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve that cost-efficiently.

Trust Artificial Grass Specialists, and let us be your ally in the professional installation of synthetic grass.

We ensure our partners’ profit
Being one of the largest suppliers of artificial grass in Europe allows us to take full advantage of the economy of scale. This results in competitive pricing we like to pass on to our partners. Additionally, we focus on boosting their presence, supporting their sales, and driving results.
We focus on stability
Many of our products have been in our catalogue for more than five years. Stability and provision of regular services are at the heart of our processes. Our motto and driving force is "never change a winning team".
We put our people first
Our main goal is to build fruitful relationships with our customers, our team members, our local community, and our production partners. We offer high-quality services that live up to your expectations with a people-centric approach.


We provide quality service and landscaping solutions on budget and schedule.


We add value with our experience, expertise, and exceptional products.


We strive to improve with our strong commitment and integrity.