Safety- Ease- Speed

Why to select Artificial Grass Specialists?

We are a leading artificial grass company because we offer:

An extended warehouse

  • with a special loading dock for easy and quick loading
  • with safe, fork-lift transportation of big rolls
  • with special decks and shelves for product safety

The greatest product stock in Greece

  • with over 100.000m2 all year round

Advanced Technology

  • with high-tech cutting machinery and equipment


  • only 10 min from Athens Airport

Our approach:

Safe and focused project flow:

  • study and analysis of the working area
  • measurements
  • material/cost evaluation
  • offers
  • agreements
  • design
  • application
  • supervision

Our team

Our power is our people:

  • An expert administration team
  • Excellent Customer Service department
  • Immediate offer dispatch and follow up
  • A perfectly trained and operating export department

We love to work in a clear, fast, transparent way
We hate delays and extra costs.